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Girls Rule The World is a District of Columbia 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working in Wards 7 & 8. GRTW is committed to hosting, sponsoring and coordinating community-based projects that provide supportive services to economically disadvantaged youth and families within the District of Columbia, also know as the (East of Anacostia River).


GRTW also service those who are in single-parent families and low-income based housing. The Ward 8 is the most under-served community in the Washington, DC metropolitan area with the highest rate of unemployment, obesity, poverty, and the lowest graduation rate. These communities are home to 40% of the Districts youth.


GRTW 2018 Toys for Tots Program



"Diamonds Are Set Apart 2nd Annual Purity Banquet/Dinner"

Girls Rule The World was honored and happy to help encourage abstinence, and high self-esteem in young females at this empowering occasion. 


Our Founder

GRTW Founder Teresa Jackson, a single mother raised in "Ward 8" of the District: has seen these communities change over the years, and she knows the challenges one can face. Working two jobs to support her daughters, Mrs. Jackson felt compelled to empower, uplift, and support fellow mothers and children to realized their full potential through motivational speaking, life skills training, and mentoring. In 2014 GRTW received it's official 501(c)(3) status. Mrs. Jackson continues to have a positive impact on women and girls in the communities she serves.  

"From Prom To Graduation"

Girls Rule The World and it's Founder Teresa Jackson hosted the first annual "Prom To Graduation" event by donating prom and graduation attire to Ward 7 & 8 students. Each student had a total make over to include make-up, dresses, hairstyles, shoes, etc. This is just the first of many to come GRTW will continues to make a difference in the lives of the communities we serve. 

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All Videos

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