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Girls Rule The World, Inc. is a non-profit community-based organization that has been established to provide volunteer support, mentoring, job counseling, educational opportunities, academic enrichment and self-improvement services, including life-skills training to disadvantaged, adjudicated and at-risk youth and families in the District of Columbia.


The mission of Girls Rule The World, Inc. is to intervene and counsel at-risk, off-track, economically disadvantaged youth populations with a variety of services, including mentoring, cultural awareness and academic enrichment. We seek to overcome what has become a major obstacle to organizations and social service agencies that provide services to these individuals by creating an organizational paradigm that eradicates the negative attitudes and low-self-esteem that permeate the minds of so many of these at-risk youth. By intervening and strengthening families, the lives of at-risk and low-income youth are transformed and the District of Columbia as a result of our efforts will become a safer and more economically viable community. Girls Rule The World accomplishes its mission through a variety of youth programs and services designed to modify negative behavior, improve academic performance, and strengthen families.


We teach core values while imparting important skills that help develop, educated well-rounded youth who culturally sensitive, accountable, responsible, job-ready and financially independent. Girls Rule The World provides its services in a familial atmosphere that fosters psychological, physical and spiritual growth. Girls Rule The World accepts program participants of all ages regardless of age, race or religion provided they have a need for the services that are being provided or if they have been referred from a community organization, court system, social service agency or law enforcement agency. 


We also provide services to youth who are idle, disenchanted or disconnected with their families or guardians; homeless, or in need of employment counseling and training to keep them on the right track to success.


The program is systematically designed to serve youth and their families in targeted areas in Washington, DC. There is no limit on the number of program participants provided adequate funding is available. We provide services through a loyal group of volunteers, civic leaders, and churches. Funding is anticipated from federal and state agencies and private foundations. 

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